What do I need for the application?

- Your high school graduation certificate and a notarized copy of it (or a certificate about your expected graduation date)
- A copy of your passport
- Your transcript of grades and a notarized translation of it

After the preparatory program from which BA programs can I choose?

The students who succesfully complete the preparatory program can gain direct admission to the following BA programs:
- BA in Applied Economics,
- BA in Business and Management,or
- BA in International Business

What happens if I don't get accepted to Corvinus?

If a student is hard-working during the whole year and shows good results then we can help him/her to apply to another Hungarian university. 

 How can I apply for a student visa?

After a successful admission to the preparatory program we will send you the official Letter of Acceptance by mail. This is necessary for your visa application. You can apply for a student visa at your national Hungarian Embassy or Consulate. For more information contact your national Hungarian Embassy. Find the list of embassies here.

What if my visa application gets rejected?

Unfortunately in this case we can not accept you to the program as you are not able to enter the country. In this case though your tuition fee could be recovered. You have to inform the Institution within maximum 3 days after receiving the official rejection from the Hungarian Embassy by sending us the official note of rejection as well as a declaration form which could be downloaded from here.

Can I get accomodation in a dormitory?

We are in partnership with different types of accommodation providers. You can read about them here on our website. You will need to get in touch with the providers directly to book your own place.

How much money do I need for a month to live in Budapest?

It depends on your needs. Some costs, that can help you calculate it:
Monthly pass for transportation:35€
Rental fee for an apartment(including the bills): from 250-350€
Lunch: from 5€
Dinner: from 8€
Coffee, tea: from 1€

Is PIFIS = Corvinus?

PIFIS organizes the official preparatory program of Corvinus University, preparing students exclusively for the economics and business related English speaking BA programs. We are in close connection with the university and our staffs work together to provide the best quality education to the preparatory program's students. PIFIS ensures that in case students meet the requirements at the end of the year they get direct admission to Corvinus university.

How can I use the library at Corvinus?

PIFIS students has the right to visit Corvinus' library and study there if they wish. Students first must buy a library card in order to be able to use the library. They can purchase it personally in the library. For more details please see Corvinus' website here. 

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Where are the dormitories, the campus and the universities?

To see the exact location of the different places please see the map below.