Why study in Budapest?

Budapest is the capital of Hungary, and one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Central Europe. It is also called the Pearl of the Danube. Since the accession to the EU in 2004, the Central-Eastern European regions has attracted an increasing number of international companies for investments thus graduates get more opportunities for their career development. Traveling is very convenient by holding a Hungarian visa in Schengen area. Low living costs and lower tuition fees attract international students to experience abroad life, and to gain valuable knowledge in their studies and lives.


Why study at Corvinus University?

Corvinus University is one of the largest internationally recognized top universities in Central Europe, and a leading institution in education in Hungary of its kind. The university provides Bachelor, Master and Doctoral programs in the areas of economics, business and social sciences. The double degree programs are based on international networks which the university provides with its partnership universities of EU members. The university is also member of many international organizations which has professional networks to help students obtaining a competitive degree which is acknowledged in EU level and as well as in global scale.


Why study in the Preparatory Program?

The preparatory program is highly welcomed by international students. Gives a one year preparation for TOEIC and mathematics exams for their entrance to the university. By meeting the requirements of the preparatory program at the end of the year students may gain admission to Corvinus University.
The preparatory program has been running since 1991, and organised by PIFIS (Preparatory Institution For International Students). Our educators are experienced English and Math teachers. Some of them are also professors at Corvinus University. The preparatory campus is located in the center of  Budapest , only 600 meters away from the university's main campus. 


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