Corvinus University of Budapest

Corvinus University of Budapest considers knowledge as the primary value. The university’s motto: My knowledge is my helper. The university aims to give the utmost help to their candidate students on the long road of acquiring knowledge, in the lifelong process of learning, not only by providing theoretical and practical professional knowledge and skills provision, but also by encouraging them to think and to form independent opinions.
Corvinus University of Budapest is Hungary’s leading university in the fields of business and economics. It is amongst the most recognized higher educational institutions in Central and Eastern Europe, with over 16,000 students studying and over 500 full- time and 200 part-time professors teaching at it. The university has widespread international relations and exchange programs with universities from the US to New Zealand and from Sweden to South Africa. A large number of Hungarian and foreign business and political leaders have Corvinus as their alma mater.

Corvinus University of Budapest traditionally has good relations with the business community.

The University won the “University of Excellence” award and the “Higher Education Quality Award” in 2010. In 2011 it was chosen as the best network-university, which provides the best international and professional internships. In the same year it received the “Superbrand Title” which is provided for the best brands. Their English-language business programs has been doing well in the Financial Times Ranking which is evaluating European business schools programs.

Foreign universities have entered into a series of cooperation agreements, and they are members of numerous international networks bringing together higher education institutions. Corvinus does everything in order to provide the highest standards of education and marketable degrees for their students. The advantages of studying at Corvinus’ International Study Programs are:
- Internationally acknowledged diploma from a university that is listed in the Financial Times rankings and represents Hungary in a large number of exclusive educational networks;
- International student body (students from 40-50 countries study at ISP each semester);
- Highly qualified, dedicated professors from the international and the Hungarian business world;
- International focus, with professors from 9 different countries including the USA and the UK;
- Modern resources and facilities;

- Numerous study abroad opportunities throughout the world;

- A professional management team to assist students in solving any problems encountered in the course of their studies.

Math Class

BA in Applied Economics

Economic sciences are exciting and USEFUL! It is exciting to look for underlying incentives, to try to squeeze information out of data, to calculate and then find the solution. In this program we will introduce you relevant economic concepts, theories, principles, equations and models which will be the foundation of your future job.

Working Together

BA in Business and Management

High quality education with a solid foundation in methodological subjects and a relevant back-ground in economic, business, social sciences and applied economics, and also basic business courses and some specialized knowledge in business administration and management.

Business Meeting

BA in International Business

The program introduces you step by step to the exciting world of international business, illuminating its global economic and corporate business background.Students learn the necessary theoretical knowledge through international business examples and cases, and put them into practice through the solution of business situations and problems.


BA in Communication and Media Science

The core program provides competitive knowledge in the field of organizational and public communication with renowned representatives of the discipline, the involvement of economic expertise, psychological knowledge, as well as a professional media studio.


BA in Interntional Relations

The aim of the International Relations BA programme is to train intellectuals who know their way around the world of international relations, are able to appropriately represent national and regional interests, are sensitive to global problems, can handle challenges arising from the European integration process, and are open to learn more about other cultures.

Group Students Smilling

BA in Sociology

The purpose of the program is to introduce those theories, research methodologies and data analysis skills which are necessary to understand and analyse social problems. We recommend this program to those who are interested in social issues such as inequality, poverty, sexism, racism, as well as for those who consider evidence-based thinking important.


Dear Future Applicant

Welcome to the Preparatory Program of Corvinus Business School (CBS), the largest of the 3 Faculties of the Corvinus University of Budapest.


CBS represents 70 percent of students and staff within CUB. Its educational approach is to enable students to become methodologically grounded and sound practitioners with a sensitivity and openness to social challenges. CBS offers programs at the bachelor, master and post-graduate levels both in English and Hungarian. The high quality of education offered by CBS is guaranteed by the fact that each subject is taught by Hungarian, foreign lecturers, as well as by invited lecturers from the business world, who are specialists in the given science or discipline, equipped with the necessary academic and practical knowledge. CBS’s positions in the national and international rankings ensure that it is able to choose from amongst the best students.


The world today is undergoing globalization at incredible speed. As a result, we prepare our students not only for a domestic, but also for an international business career. CBS graduates are able to work in keeping with international expectations and in an international environment. Our partnership agreements with over 100 leading universities and business schools throughout the world enable our students to spend a study abroad semester in practically any country of their choice. In the frame of its bilateral agreements, the Erasmus, and PIM programs, the Corvinus Business School also hosts close to 400 foreign exchange students from over 50 countries each year thereby ensuring an international atmosphere for Hungarian and foreign students alike.


The BA in Business and Management program (taught by an international faculty) in English is the first and to date only business bachelor program in Hungary to have been awarded the EPAS (EFMD Program Accreditation System) international accreditation. The Faculty’s Executive MBA program is also, uniquely in Hungary, EPAS accredited.


I trust that the information on this website regarding our English language programs has caught your interest and that we shall be able to welcome you amongst the students studying at Corvinus Business School.                                                                                                                                                                                                       Professor Zita Zoltay Paprika PhD 



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MA in International Economy and Business

The program aims to acquaint students with the micro- and macroeconomic - , international business and financial relationships and processes, as well as with the relationship between global and regional institutional cycles. The program prepares students for entry into the field of international economic analysis and international business decision-making processes.

Stock Exchange

MA in Finance

The aim of the program is to equip professionals with a holistic oversight onto financial processes in the corporates, the banking industry, and in public finance sectors. With solid theoretical foundations and practical skills, students are able to analyze and solve complex financial problems and support decision-making. Graduates are prepared to work according to international professional standards.

Marketing Company

MA in Marketing

The aim of the program is to teach students, in addition to business fundamentals, consumer behaviour characteristics, the concept of customer experience, and the tools of implementing effective social media campaigns .Theoretical subjects are supplemented by practical projects, and it is also possible to participate in real -life business projects courses supported by global and local companies.

Public Speaker

Full time MBA (Master of Business Administration)

The Full-Time MBA program is a two year program for applicants with an average of 3-5 years of work experience, and/or work in entry or middle level management positions.Students who choose the full-time MBA program are usually career driven individuals who would either like to make a career change or individuals who are looking to improve their managerial knowledge to better prepare themselves for the vast world of business management.

Analyzing Graphs

MA in Economic Analysis

With the arrival of the data revolution, more and more firms and policy institutions employ economic analysts to foster fact-based decision-making. The goal of this two-year program is to provide students with the understanding of economic processes and the ability to carry on empirical economic analysis. This is achieved by learning up-to-date economic theory, data analysis, and their application to real-world analysis.

Tax Income Reports

MA in International Taxation

The aim of the course is to provide knowledge about how to proceed fiscal representative issues of international companies or how to manage investments and business transactions related to the field of taxation. 

Graph on Computer

MA in Business Informatics

The aim of the course is to prepare students to solve business problems with IT tools. The program provides up-to-date methodological and practical knowledge in the fields of business analysis, IT management, digitalisation, business intelligence, IT project management, IT audit, and business applications.

Young Family

MA in Economics of Family Policy and Public Policies for Human Development

The program prepares you for analysing, making and implementing family and population policies. You will learn about how families and households make decisions and the social, market and political processes that affect them.

Stethoscope on the Cardiogram

MA in Health Policy, Planning and Finnancing

 The purpose of the program is to teach how to adapt to the rapidly changing technological trends in the healthcare and biotechnology sectors. We recommend this program to those who envisage a career in a health care institution or would take part in the preparation of health policy and health insurance decisions.

Female Lecturer

MA in Public Policy and Management

In this major, our students learn analytical and leadership skills in the public sector. Building on this, they can analyze economic policy issues, specific problems in human policy areas, and successfully manage public sector and civil society organizations.

Tax Income Reports

MA in Regional and Environmental Economics Studies

The curriculum provides an exciting and critical approach to economic sciences as regards ecosystems, geographic and socio-spatial phenomena, and the present global challenges. Students gain a deep understanding and expertise in the economic aspects of the environment and climate change, as well as about alternative possibilities of regional and urban development.

International Flags

MA in International Relations

The aim of the program is to train professionals of international relations on a multidisciplinary basis. We recommend this program to those who are preparing for a diplomatic or international career and follow international events, political and economic tendencies not only at the level of news but want to acquire deeper knowledge of the background and root causes of these trends.

Group Students Smilling

MA in Sociology

The aim of the program is to analyze social and technological challenges and processes arising from globalisation, as well as the theories, methods and results of investigating global social change.


MA in Communication and Media Science

This two-year practice-oriented Communication and Media Studies Master’s programme aims to train communication and media experts and provide them with a precious master’s degree. Professional experts who can adapt to the volatile challenges of the labour market and possess the ability to work for and lead various communication and media organisations.